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Jeremiah Jae

Ninja Tune cohort Jeremiah Jae has just uploaded an entire album's worth of Beastie Boys remixes.

Jeremiah Jae has a fidgety imagination. Perhaps you could tell that from his music: hip hop so loose it could fall apart at the seams, there's a psychedelic flourish to his studio output which floats from influence to influence.

Continually embarking on new projects, the producer recently plunged headfirst into the Beastie Boys' back catalogue. Piecing apart his favourite tracks from the New York MCs, Jeremiah Jae adding his own voice to those timeless productions.

The results are now online. Seemingly titled 'Black Castle' the free download LP features ‘Ch-Check It Out' stripped down to little more than a gyrating cowbell and 'Just A Test' given a vivid, George Clinton style overhaul.

Left field hip hop in the vein of Jneiro Jarel or even Paul White's more acerbic moments, you can download the album HERE. Shout out to FACT for the tip!

Fancy some more Beastie Boys? Here's our archive cover story, written by that man Mike Diver.


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