Jazz group a massive influence

Jamie Woon has revealed the influence of British jazz group Portico Quartet.

Widely hailed as 'One To Watch' in 2011, Jamie Woon has handled the hype remarkably well. Releasing his 'Night Air' single last year the singer was propelled to public attention, matching bass frequencies with some emotive songcraft.

A Ramadanman refix helped along the way, while Burial supplied a few hints and tips in the studio. However this doesn't mean that Jamie Woon is some dubstep troubadour, with the singer naming Portico Quartet as an influence.

Speaking to ClashMusic, the London based singer explained that the band are his housemates. Rehearsing for their recent album, Portico Quartet opened up new avenues for Jamie Woon.

“It was a real privilege to hear them write and refine it from start to finish and have such beautiful sounds wafting up to my room,” he said. “They played a big part in my getting interested in ambient music and atmosphere. I just had to make sure not to unconsciously steal any tunes!”

Aside from music, Jamie Woon's lyrical prowess has been noted. By turns affecting and euphoric, the singer claims to be a fan of self-help manuals. "I find a lot of inspiration in nature and walking, travelling" he explained.

"I’m well into watching videos of record breakers like Usain Bolt, Mike Powell and Michael Johnson. Superhuman stuff. I used to read a lot of selfimprovement manuals, I think that fed into my lyrics on my first record.”

Jamie Woon is set to open 2011 with a rare live show. Previewing his debut album, the singer will perform at the Scala venue on February 24th.

Tickets are on sale now, but be warned demand will be high!

Jamie Woon is set to play the following show:

24 London Scala

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