Danish newcomer is breaking out...

Jada is Denmark's biggest newcomer, someone whose irresistible charm is spreading across Europe.

UK could be the next to fall, with her single 'Nudes' landing with a frisky thump at the tail end of last week.

Opening with pin-point guitar, her tender vocal expresses a feeling of being exposed, but also finding liberation in that revelation.

Driven by her emphatic delivery, 'Nudes' is a sensational introduction, a finely honed, immaculately sculpted pop creation.

She says: "'Nudes' is about expressing and exposing yourself to someone you have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with. Being honest with your feelings, with your attraction to the other, and with your sexuality. And then being left on ‘read'."

"Maybe you misinterpreted things and she/he/etc wasn’t as into you as you thought. That feeling of having misunderstood a situation or an entire relationship and being caught can feel so shameful, at least to me. 'Nudes' is about letting that feeling breath, giving it room, screaming it out and letting it go. And about that strength and liberation that comes with expressing your most shameful feelings."

"This song isn’t meant to be moralizing but instead documenting how it feels to be in that situation. All my friends send nudes to people they are in some kind of romantic relationship with (consensual of course). I love nudes, because they reveal something very intimate, not only the body, but also the intention of wanting to please or excite the receiver of the picture. I love that."

The full video for 'Nudes' is online now, and it's full to the brim with nudity.

Tune in now...

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