New release posted to BandCamp...
Jai Paul

Jai Paul posted a new release to BandCamp over the weekend, which could possibly represent his much anticipated debut album.

As revered as he is unpredictable, Jai Paul spent the weekend toying with fans. The producer's debut album must surely rank as one of 2013's most anticipated releases, with even label XL unsure when it would drop.

But on Friday evening (April 12th) a new account was registered on BandCamp. Jai Paul seemingly placed an album's worth of material into a folder, which some are suggesting is his debut album.

Our view? Well, the bit rate differs from track to track, making this seem like a compilation of work rather than a coherent album. However, there are still some fantastic moments on here, with 'Jai Paul' set to remain on the Clash office stereo for the rest of the day.

Stream 'Jai Paul' below.

- - -

Perhaps the final word should go to XL boss Richard Russell. Speaking to NPR, he mused on his relationship with the mercurial artist. “Jai is a wizard…the way he’s going about things is, I think for many, baffling. But…he’s going about things in the most Jai Paul way you could possibly go about things. And who knows where that may lead.”.

- - -

It seems that all is not well with this new upload. Jai Paul has just tweeted, indicating that the recordings were retrieved from a stolen laptop and released without his permission. “To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don’t buy. Statement to follow later. Thanks, Jai”.

More on this as it happens.


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