According to Mike Watt...

Iggy & The Stooges are apparently working on new material, according to bass player Mike Watt.

Amid a sea of young pretenders, Iggy & The Stooges remain an indestructible force of punk energy. With original 'Raw Power' guitarist James Williams back on board, the band retain a visceral edge which other groups struggle to match.

Now it seems that the band could be set to record new material. Bass player Mike Watt spilled the beans, informing Rolling Stone that Iggy Pop and James Williamson have been swapping ideas.

"I'll tell you this: James Williamson a few months ago had me put bass on nine songs that he gave to Ig (Iggy Pop) and Ig is writing up words," the bass player said. "So I just know there are new tunes and in fact in November he wants me to do some more. I don't know about some album or whatever or what the plan is with that stuff, but very interesting."

The Stooges released an album of new material back in 2007, with the late Ron Asheton helping to write 'The Weirdness'. Given a critical mauling at the time, any new material would no doubt be greeted suspiciously by fans.

That said, though, this is still Iggy & The Stooges we're talking about. Musing on the difference between the two line ups, Mike Watt noted: "The Raw Power stuff, for me, is always different than the first two albums, they're just different kinds of musicians, James Williamson and Ron Asheton," he said. "This sounds more like James Williamson, more like the guy who's playing guitar on Raw Power than the guy who's playing on Fun House."

Finishing, Mike Watt refused to be drawn on the timescale for a new album. "I think James came up with some good licks and the way Ig fleshes them out, I'm very curious," he said. "But I don’t know if they have an album planned. I'm also looking at it as, 'Whoa, maybe new songs to do at gigs.'"

Iggy Pop recently crossed paths with Zig Zags to cover Betty Davis’ 'If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up' - listen to it HERE.

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