It's dark...
Hot Chip

Hot Chip have released new track 'Dark & Stormy' - listen to it below.

Hot Chip are at their best when matching euphoric music to lyrics that often hint at a very real sense of melancholy. A fusion is light and dark, sweet and sour, it's one that perhaps wasn't as distinct on the pure pop of recent album 'In Our Heads'.

Well, get prepared for the darkness. Heading back into the studio - London's Club Ralph, to be precise - the band have returned with something angular, post-punk and shrouded in black.

'Dark & Stormy' features Charles Hayward from This Heat on drums, and it's a stabbing, staccato return.

Listen to it below.

Out on July 22nd, the 10 inch version features a re-worked version of 'In Our Heads' album track 'Look At Where We Are'. The new version features Tori and Reiko Kudo from Japanese improvisational collective Maher Shalal Hash Baz, who have sung the track in their native language.

'Dark & Stormy' is set to be released on July 22nd.

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