It's a bold new single from the Icelandic artist...

Iceland's Hildur has returned with her bold new single 'Woman At War'.

The songwriter won Pop Song of the Year (‘I’ll Walk With You’) at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2017, adept at refreshing melodies and crystal-clear production.

Allied to this, though, is a refusal to sugar coat her lyrics, speaking bluntly about what concerns her.

New single 'Woman At War' sits in that great Icelandic feminist tradition, the nation where the entire female population once went on strike.

A song that confronts the struggle women face, the new single locates hope amidst these adversaries, looking at the collective will to overcome boundaries.

She explains...

"'Woman In War' is a song to honour all the strong women I know that have fought many battles and are tired. Tired of always having to put up a fight, tired of putting in all the efforts but not seeing the situation change, tired of having to fight the same fight again and again, tired of being labelled angry when they really are just fighting for equal rights."

"I had experienced this feeling again and again and I wanted to try to put that exact feeling into a song. However, this song is not about giving up. It has hope. It conveys understanding that this is what the situation looks like right now and it’s OK to be overwhelmed by it and want to give up at times. Because the beautiful thing is that all the woman I know that have hit this wall, me included, they somehow find the strength in them to continue and return fighting strong, again."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Vaka Njáls

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