"I don't have to play there..."

Wiley appears to have backed out of playing at Glastonbury following a flurry of explosive tweets.

Wiley speaks his mind. The grime pioneer has never shied away from sharing his opinion, often landing him in hot water in the process.

Scheduled to play this weekend's Glastonbury festival, the rapper sent fans a series of tweets expressing his disgust at the event. One of the searing highlights saw the artist take issue at Glastonbury's stance on paying artists rather less than other festivals - in part, of course, due to the festival being an anti-corporate event.

Now it seems that Wiley has packed his bags and fled Worthy Farm. A few moments ago the rapper wrote: "Ya know what... en route to heathrow realtalk...lol ...."

However Wiley did have one final message for fans: "Make sure you go see the Rolling Stones tho..."

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