New payment plan unveiled

Legendary dance act Groove Armada are set to release a new EP via a very unique new payment scheme.

The band will release a new EP via what they term is a pass-along-paid-for scheme, or PAP4. They hope it will be used by more bands in the future.

Essentially, fans will gain tracks for letting other people listen to the band's music. As fans share the music, so they will be given larger amounts of the EP.

Groove Armada said in an interview with the NME that they dislike music distributed purely for free. "As music lovers, we don’t like that. So we were trying to find a way of making free music, loved music - and we came up with this system."

The scheme is supported by B-Live, and will work incrementally. Fnas who distribute the first track 20 time will gain the second track. If they distribute that 200 times they will get the third track, and so forth.

"We came up with the idea but we can't take any credit for the people who actually put it into practise!" the band said.

Groove Armada's new EP is available now.

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