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Grim Streaker are in New York through choice, not necessity - put simply, it's where they want to be.

Taken British born vocalist Amelia Bushell. A blaze of energy onstage, she moved through Switzerland, Canada, and California, before finally setting up roots in the Big Apple.

The band formed around her, matching NYC art-punk to odd moments of barbed pop energy. “I've definitely come to know the highs and lows of living in New York after being here for seven years now,” she explains. “The songs we write tell the story of those experiences.”

“They're about people I've seen but never met - people I've met that are no longer in my life, alcohol and drug use, the all-around hustle (and trying to come to terms with life), the feeling of being a broke loser who is still doing the same shit and not really progressing when it seems everyone else around me is! It's about the passage of time and how quickly life is moving. One moment you're there, the next moment you're here. New York today is an all-out fast way of living.”

Debut album 'No Vision' arrives on May 17th, with Grim Streaker sharing exuberant art-punk ripper 'Today New York' as a homage to their home city.

A blur of frenzied guitar attack and those righteous vocals, it's a real call to arms, one that comes equipped with some stellar visuals.

Tune in now.

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