Response To Damon Albarn's Claim

Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has responded to Damon Albarn's assertion that Blur "is over" by writing a lengthy diatribe on the Blur message board.

Damon Albarn recently gave an interview to Argentinean newspaper Clarin, stating that "Blur is over". An aggrieved Coxon posted a lengthy response to fans on the Blur messageboard, letting fans know his feelings. Despite leaving the band a year before their last album "Think Tank", he is regarded as being pivotal to the success of Blur.

Graham Coxon wrote:

"Damon didn't consult anybody else before he took it into his own hands to make this comment. Therefore I think it is nonsense. It isn't for him to decide."

Coxon spoke of the anger in the group saying "the anger was all centred around long, deep friendships that were tested and tested by business, mega-fatigue, too much time with each other, problems with the roles we played in the band, a lack of trust and communication."

Coxon finished with an emotional statement about the possibility of Blur's reformation.

"The facts are like this really: there's no Blur at the moment. Damon probably ain't interested in a Blur that's not the full head count so I think it comes down to me trying again to contact him and talk to him. I tried before, as I said, and left messages.

"I want to do this anyway for the sake of all the years we were so close. But it takes guts. I psyched myself for days to call him last time and got the answering machine. It's a drag to get that after the psyching, the pondering over the mobile phone and the number and the pressing of the call button. I may have to psyche all over again. Be patient. No one knows the future, not even Damon."

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