Scots Rockers Fight Back

Scots rockers Glasvegas have fought back against the seemingly unstoppable Metallica juggernaut - by comparing them with golf.

Frontman James Allan is interviewed in The Independent, where he is asked his opinion on the the thrash metal overlords. "Metallica are a bit like golf. I can't really see the point but some people obviously can, you know?"

Erm, not really James. Glasvegas of course hail from Scotland, the historic home of golf - so evidently James Allan must know what he's talking about.

Allan went on to discuss the new found pressure the band are under, now that their self-titled debut album has become one of the most discussed of the year. "Of course the hype creates pressure, but, we've got an album out. The real pressure is when you're starting and you are just desperately trying to be heard. I'm not complaining."

Glasvegas self-titled debut album is out now.

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