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Successfully navigating the loss of their frontman, Gallows have shifted and evolved with remarkable grace.

Installing Wade MacNeil as their new singer, the band returned stronger than ever. Taking a short break, Gallows are now ready for another step forward with the release of 'Chains'.

A typically ferocious piece of hardcore punk, it's sheer energy from start to finish. Another blast from one of this island's most focussed, intense rock acts, 'Chains' seemingly came together with remarkable ease.

"The song ‘Chains’ came together really quickly" says Laurent Barnard. "It started off with one riff and by the end of the day it was recorded. We did it all live too like we were making a garage punk record. My friend Helena who sings in a great band called Dios Mio happened to be in the studio that day so she came in and added some vocals and textures, which brought a very haunting element of the track. It's very different but still very dark which is what Gallows is all about."

Out on June 30th, you can listen to 'Chains' below.

Gallows have confirmed the following one off headline show:

3 Brighton The Green Door Store SOLD OUT

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