The Slovakian producer bounces back...

There's all kinds of layers to FVLCRVM's music.

The Slovakian producer is a future-pop juggernaut, someone capable to bending electronic tropes to cast fresh shapes.

Continually surging ahead, he returns with new EP 'Attentioncore' on July 17th (order LINK).

A diverse demonstration of his talents, the EP pushes FVLCRVM into vastly distinct spaces.

Moving from slow, tender, nuanced work to hyper-fluoro pop, it somehow holds together as something distinct and cohesive.

New alt-pop bouncer 'Bad Blood' is out now, a fizzing statement of intent from the vastly ambitious producer.

FVLCRVM tells Clash...

"This may sound like a love song but the inspiration came from online discussions. I kept reading comments of trolls and generally unhappy people and I kept stalking their profiles (if they weren’t obviously fake) because I desperately tried to understand how they think and live."

"The gap between my bubble and these people is widening every year and sometimes it seems like we live on a different planet. I wanted to reflect the more savvy, intelligent people with this song, treating trolls as trash, thinking that Google search can make everyone wiser."

Tune in now.

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