Future War Bride
Debut album 'Majahua' incoming...

Future War Bride have always been in touch with their surroundings, a deeper sense of being.

Take singer Mikkel Boström: walking along a beach last year, his idle wanderings were shaken into submission via an enormous earthquake.

Shaken, he couldn't quite process the experience, and endured a form of memory block.

Ultimately, though, this proved to be creative; working against this, the friction provided him with plenty of songwriting ideas.

“In a weird way, it turned out to be an opportunity to look upon things in a new perspective,” he says. “Everything was, in a way, reset. The order of things didn’t come from a logical place, but from emotions that were put into words and music.”

Returning to Future War Bride, the band embarked on sessions for new album 'Majahua', and it drops later this year.

We're able to share the lead track, and 'Thin Air' is a bewitching psychedelic statement, all swirling, liquid guitars and heavenly vocals.

In the distance, we're practically able to imagine those endless sands of the Pacific... thankfully, no sonic Earthquakes this time round - just bliss.

Tune in now.

'Majahua' is due to be released on June 8th - pre-order it HERE.

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