Alex Kapranos wants to cut down

Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos has stated in a new interview that he plans to cut down on his alcohol intake on the band's forthcoming UK tour, it has been announced.

Franz Ferdinand are back. The new Scottish gentry have completed their first album in over three years, with 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' almost within touching distance and a massive UK tour planned.

The band appear to be taking things seriously, with singer Alex Kapranos insisting he will cut down his partying to “one night on, one night off” during the UK jaunt in order to preserve his voice.

"I've got to watch it if I drink too much whisky, which I'm kind of prone to do on tour, especially when I come off stage,” he told the Daily Record.

“You've got so much adrenaline and you're like, 'What are we going to do now?' We have a bottle of whisky on our rider which maybe we should get taken off because I just tear into it every night."

Franz Ferdinand begin their new UK tour at the end of February.

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