'Pyramids' singer to appear on upcoming album
Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is set to appear on John Mayer’s new album ‘Paradise Valley’.

On the surface, John Mayer and Frank Ocean would appear to be worlds apart. However it’s a sign of both artists’ versatility that a meaningful, productive artistic relationship has blossomed between them.

John Mayer appeared on the ‘Channel ORANGE’ cut ‘White’ and even made a guest appearance in the video for ‘Pyramids’.

Now it seems that Frank Ocean is to return the favour, lending his vocals to a cut on John Mayer’s upcoming full length ‘Paradise Valley’. (via Rolling Stone)

The Odd Future cohort will appear on ‘Wildfire’, just one of a number of high profile collaborations on the album; on a pop tip, Katy Perry makes a guest appearance on ‘Who Do You Love’.

Clash recently re-visited 'Channel ORANGE' one year on. Does is still stand up? Listen to it HERE.

Check out the video for ‘Pyramids’ below.

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