...and plenty of people are frustrated
Frank Ocean

1-800 DINOSAUR is a crew of like-minds: friends, beat makers and artists, they throw parties, release records and generally have a rare ol' time.

Deciding to kick off a weekend long road trip, a late name was added to the poster. BOYSDON'TCRY is a term associated with the new Frank Ocean record, and it's addition to the bill caused many to assume that the R&B star would be taking part in some way.

Alas, it was all in vain. James Blake clarified issues on Facebook:

“As previously said earlier today, Frank and I are not performing live or on tour - we're on a 1-800 DINOSAUR road trip, putting on club nights and documenting the weekend for the BoysDontCry Magazine. Blog that, as that's the correct information.”

It wasn't enough for many fans, though, some of whom had already travelled to the opening night of the 1-800 DINOSAUR road trip in Bristol.

As Crack report, there was even confusion within the venue, with MCs telling fans that Frank Ocean was about to do, well, something. As it was, it seems he was merely there as a reporter, as an observer.

Some people, though, were far from happy:

Our verdict? It'll blow over. And let's face it: we'll all still buy Frank's magazine.

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