Cratedigger offers "collector’s smorgasbord of 8-Tracks, cassettes, posters, and other oddities..."
DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow is to sell of part of his personal record collection at a new Los Angeles event.

The legendary crate-digger has amassed numerous duplicates of rare records over the years, and these will form the crux of the sale at a regular pop up shop hosted by Madlib and Rappcats.

DJ Shadow will attend the sale, and will also sell off an exclusive vinyl edition of his track 'The Sideshow', from recent album 'The Mountain Will Fall'.

DJ Shadow has released the following statement:

This is a chance for producers, dealers, and DJ’s to access seldom-seen and eclectic vinyl at affordable prices. These are all records I have other copies of, and I’ve decided that I don’t need to keep multiples. Think of it as a year-long thrift-store hunt consolidated into two days.... Vinyl is so fetishised, but I actually covet other formats equally. For example, ideally, I would want James Brown’s 'Payback' album on reel, cassette, and 8-track in addition to vinyl. If it existed as a first-run consumer product, I need it in my collection.

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