...and they're hilarious
Father John Misty

Father John Misty has uploaded a series of spoken word promos, seemingly rejected by the Pandora streaming service.

A laconic, ever-witty presence onstage, Father John Misty breezed through 2015 with a confident swagger in his step. With the New Year only a few weeks old, the singer has now upped the charm stakes once again.

Father John Misty has uploaded a series of radio promos, seemingly intended for - and rejected by - the streaming service Pandora. They're typically hilarious - here's one:

"Whether you're snorting rails of Tide off priceless Matisse cutouts or stuck at home because of your dismal Uber rating, my customized mixtape is guaranteed to be 100% Ed Sheeran. That's Ed Sheeran all the time on Father John Misty radio."

Listen to them above. Check out a couple below.

Photo Credit: Emma Tillman

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