Find out why James Murphy owes him $100...
While We're Young still

Adam Horovitz isn't a trained actor.

Undoubtedly better known as one third of Beastie Boys, as a rapper and musician, Horovitz recently agreed to appear in a new film shot by close friend Noah Baumbach.

Appearing as a voice of reason in While We're Young, the stellar turn from the rapper is just one of a plethora of projects he is currently undertaking.

Speaking from New York for a Clash feature, Adam Horovitz discusses his current plans, making music and more. While We're Young boasts a score from James Murphy, someone who the rapper knows extremely well.

“James is cool,” he says. “I mean, he owes me a hundred dollars but he's cool.”

Wait – James Murphy owes Ad-Rock one hundred dollars?

“He broke my refrigerator!” the rapper exclaims. “He was staying in my apartment, like fifteen years ago. When I came back to town, the fridge wasn't working. So, y'know... do the math.”

And the math came to one hundred dollars?

“Give or take. It could have been 90 something, it could have been 100 something. Hey, the repairman came!”

The sad death of Adam Yauch in 2012 put an immediate end to the Beastie Boys, bringing three decades of creativity to a halt. Ad-Rock and Mike D are currently sifting through countless hours of tapes, preparing for a mooted archival release.

Clash couldn't resist asking if a few hardcore punk jams are in there – after all, the trio owed their roots to the scene, and would repeatedly return to the sound during their career.

“I'm sure there is,” he muses. “I'm sure there is. Over the past 30 something years there certainly is.”

“I love hardcore punk music, for sure,” he states. “When we left the scene it was very muscle-y and dude-y. We lost interest. For me, personally, I lost interest in it. It wasn't so punk any more, it wasn't a scene that I really connected with. But I do love the music.”

Watch out for a full interview with Adam Horovitz on Clash next week.

While We're Young is out now.

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