Gilby Clarke speaks out

Returning rock giants Guns N Roses released their new album 'Chinese Democracy' late last year and ex-guitarist Gilby Clarke has entered the fray, giving his opinion on the album.

Possibly the most eagerly anticipated album in history, 'Chinese Democracy' ignited a fierce debate on its release in November, leaving fans divided as to its merits. Much delayed, the album cost a small fortune and used a vast cast of musicians.

Guns N Roses previously released an original studio album with 'Use Your Illusion' in 1991.

Clarke performed with the group between 1991 and 1994, and approves of the group's new album. Web magazine Blabbermouth reports him as saying “I think it's very good and very imaginative. Axl's vocals sound great and there's some creative guitar playing on it also.”

However, the musician wasn't entirely positive arguing that "there's too many slow-to-mid-tempo songs on it for my taste and some of the solos are a little overdone; they don't match the song."

"Some of the lyrics are a little redundant. I expected some resolution since it's taken so long."

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