New '3AM' promo launches

Returning rap megastar Eminem has launched a new game to promote his forthcoming single '3AM'.

Born plain Marshall Mathers, Eminem has had his problems in recent times. The death of close friend Proof hit the rapper hard, plunging him into a deep depression that he attempted to treat with a mixture of drugs and alcohol.

Eventually finding solace in a rehab centre, the hip hop icon returned to the studio last year with long term collaborator Dr Dre. A sudden rush of material flooded out of Eminem, with rumours that the rap star could release a second album before the year is out.

But perhaps that's getting ahead of ourselves. Eminem's new album 'Relapse' smashed into the charts at number one on both sides of the Atlantic, breaking the first week sales record in the United States in the process.

Gaining positive reviews from critics, the album features guest performances from Eminem associates such as 50 Cent as well as The Wire's Dominic West and has been greeted with fervour by his vast army of fans.

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Lead single 'We Made You' was accompanied by a memorable video which saw the rapper mock some famous celebrities, including the likes of Jessica Simpson and Amy Winehouse. Now for his new single '3AM' the rapper has crafted a stunning new game.

Launching on his official website, the interactive Popsomp Hills Rehab clinic allows users to explore the facility. Containing some horrific graphics, the game is introduced by a video from the clinic's director.

Of course, nothing Eminem goes through from now on can be as horrific as his experiences at the recent MTV Movie Awards ceremony. The rapper was taking his seat after a spectacular comeback performance when the comedian Bruno arrived dressed as a dove.

Hung aloft on wires the comedian suddenly plunged to the ground, with Eminem left staring at Bruno's crotch. Storming out of the ceremony, it was later revealed to be a hilarious and extremely well planned joke.

Later the rapper returned to his hotel suite to watch the chaos ensue on television, but was dismayed to read reports that he had been robbed. Eminem issued a furious denial, claiming that he had simply mis-placed a watch.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse' is out now!

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