Rising pop star returns...
Elli Ingram

Based in Brighton, Elli Ingram has been able to do things her own way.

Gaining support through the internet, the singer's debut EP 'Sober' was an enticing first offering. Returning with new material, forthcoming EP 'The Doghouse' is due to be released this week.

A five track affair, lead cut 'When It Was Dark' has already gained beautiful visuals courtesy of Emil Nava. Indeed the award-winning director was so struck by Ingram that he immediately agreed to come on board for the entire campaign.

Elli Ingram introduces the new EP: "This new project is called 'The Doghouse' after the little residential studio, The Doghouse, out in Reading, which I first went to about a year ago with Aston and Felix. I’ve been back there, twice since then, to record and it’s become like a 2nd home to me and my team."

"The stories and memories we created there are endless. It's where we made a lot of the sober EP and all of these new songs. This special space allowed us to escape from the world and write and record with total creative freedom. The songs are us experimenting with lots of different sounds and emotions and show the people what to expect from my team and I. I can't wait for everyone to hear it, I just hope they love it as much as I do!"

'The Doghouse' is out now. Check out the video for 'When It Was Dark' below:

Elli Ingram has confirmed plans for a one off London show at Bush Hall on April 28th.

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