Names debut album 'Doris'
Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt has shared new track 'Chum' - a down beat, sombre cut which details his thoughts towards his absent father.

While each member of Odd Future has caught our attention, Earl Sweatshirt perhaps looms the largest. Arguably the most naturally gifted MC in the collective, his rhymes have an added weight that, say, Tyler simply can't match.

Stealing the show on the band's recent album 'The OF Tape Vol. 2' with a guest verse, Earl Sweatshirt is currently working on his debut album. Last night on Twitter the rapper revealed that said LP will be named 'Doris' and is set to contain the track 'Chum'.

Aimed at his absent father, the track is a melancholic, sensitive, introverted take on family relations. Explicitly autobiographical, it's one of the most honest tracks Earl Sweatshirt has placed his name against thus far.

Watch the black and white video for 'Chum' below.

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ClashMusic writer Nina Bhadreshwar recently travelled to Los Angeles, speaking to those close to Earl Sweatshirt. Revealing numerous details about his life, family and current artistic beliefs its a fascinating read and well worth of your attention.

Find it HERE.


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