Taxi driver to benefit

A taxi driver owed £1800 from Pete Doherty has been told he will be paid - in paintings.

The Babyshambles singer ran up the enormous bill using Marlborough cab firm owner Justin Cook's taxis, and has promised to pay him back. Cook will receive a share of the profits from a new sale of Doherty's paintings, with a new sale scheduled.

Etched in the singer's own blood, 45 copies of the new print will be available from Arrow Galleries. The painting shows Glastonbury 2008 from the crowd's point of view, as Doherty performs solo on the Park Stage.

According to Cook the painting was completed after the singer had a furious row with his management. Doherty claims in a new statement that he got "an incredible amount of joy" from completing it.

"Even if you're in a terrible mood and just painting blind, the finished result is something to look at and cherish," he said. "Like writing a song lyric, carving something, anything made out of nothing you can call your own, something that's been worth doing."

Continuing, the singer said he is in the middle of a creative burst. "On the brightest of Savernake mornings I can see myself productive, busy, confident and, yeah, rolling in it," he said. "Realistically, I think it's going to take a great deal of effort to remain productive. That's my ambition, that's my aim really, to be productive and to grow, 99 per cent inspiration, one per cent blood."

Pete Doherty is set to release his new solo album 'Grace/Wastelands' on March 16th. To listen to exclusive streamed tracks from the album click here!

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