Bassist Hurts Ankle

Does It Offend You, Yeah? bassist James Rushent has been rushed to hospital after breaking his ankle during a gig in Los Angeles, it has been announced.

The band were on stage at the final gig of their US tour when the accident happened. The famous Troubadour was playing host to the controversial group, who were playing a typically frenetic show when Rushent realized something was wrong.

Drummer Rob Bloomfield explained how the accident occurred by telling the BBC "James went up on a monitor and somehow a mic stand fell over, trapped his ankle and then he fell full weight on his leg and snapped his tibia."

Astonishingly, despite being in extreme pain the bassist hobbled back on stage to play an encore - that's devotion for you! Bloomfield explained that "It was a massive sold out show and the crowd wouldn't let us go without doing an encore. So he hobbled back on stage even though he was in agony. I was quite proud of him. If it was me I'd have cried and said, 'Take me to hospital now'."

James Rushent is expected to be able to perform with the band in upcoming gigs in Australia and the UK.

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