It's dedicated to his recovering father...
DJ-KiCKS - DJ Seinfeld

DJ Seinfeld is set to curate the next instalment of the DJ-KiCKS mix series.

The producer sits in the left-field of cutting edge house, as exemplified by his sterling debut album 'Time Spent Away From U'.

This new mix is highly conceptual, with DJ Seinfeld conjuring a taut, emotive mood, designed to lead straight on from his recent full length.

Dedicated to his father - currently recovering from serious illness - the mix features material from the producer himself, alongside cuts from Falty DL, Sleep D, Pepe, and Project Pablo.

DJ Seinfeld explains...

"I recorded the mix during a time where it seemed as though everything around me had changed beyond recognition, people and places I relied on for stability and comfort were no longer the same, for better and worse."

"Purely instinctively, I’ve been trying to navigate myself towards a new plateau where things make sense again, and in that time I relied a lot on my friends, on their music, and their characters as amazing people. I ended up with a stock of tracks that I distilled into the final mix, one that I wanted to reflect the simultaneous fear of leaving something safe behind as well as the excitement of venturing into unknown territories, musically and emotionally."

DJ Seinfeld's DJ-KiCKS will be released on July 14th. Tracklisting:

1. DJ Seinfeld - I See U (*)
2. Andras - Poets Day
3. Fantastic Man - False Consciousness
4. Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor
5. Rimbaudian - Simple Call (*)
6. Roza Terenzi - Up In Smoke (*)
7. Sleep D - Dawn Over Atlas (*)
8. Hymns - Walrus (*)
9. Rudolf C - Saber (*)
10. FaltyDL - Freak Acid (*)
11. Pepe - Victory Level (*)
12. Project Pablo - Who’s It For (*)
13. DJ Seinfeld - Typeless (*)
14. Mor Elian - Sci Si (*)
15. Chela Una - Take Me (*)
16. Reptant - Freq Accident
17. DJ Seinfeld - Triangle Echos (*)
18. Shedbug - Ambroxitil (*)
19. J.Albert - meXme (*)
20. S.O.N.S - Dune (*)
21. Lou Karsh - Seep * Exclusive

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