"I just think it is pure bullshit..."

Declan McKenna doesn't shy away from his opinions.

2017's debut album 'What Do You Think About The Car?' was a potent display of youthful swagger, but there was always a political edge lying behind his lyricism.

New single 'British Bombs' is an compromising example of this. A potent, spiky return, it takes aim at the British arms trade, and the hypocrisy of our political establishment.

Concise and to the point, the intense arrangement is backed by a fiery vocal, with Declan refusing to shy away from the collective violence that underpins our parliamentary hierarchy.

Declan McKenna explains...

"'British Bombs' is a tune I wrote about the hypocrisy of the British arms trade and the weapons convention in London."

"I think too often it’s implied that matters in the world are too complex to not end up with war, or to not possess and sell weapons, and I just think it is pure bullshit. Not only do we still engage in wars far away from our homes, which settle nothing and fuel extremism in the aftermath, we sell weapons to other countries full well knowing where they end up."

"I wanted to write a song that was outright against war, in any form. Violence breeds violence and I just don’t think the world is too complex to set a peaceful precedent, but it seems the business of war is what keeps happening. To say it’s a shame feels like a huge understatement."

Declan is donating proceeds from the single to charity - check out 'British Bombs' below.

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