Gibbard Stung By Scorpion

Lead singer with Death Cab For Cutie Ben Gibbard received an unpleasant surprise in San Diego last week - the frontman was stung twice by a scorpion!

Ben Gibbard was about to go on stage in San Diego when the incident occurred. The singer has just changed into his trousers when he felt something sting him on his thigh. Bassist Nick Harmer wrote on the band's blog:

"So tonight in San Diego, Ben got stung by a SCORPION. Twice. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, file this under 'things that really happen on rock tours,'" he wrote.

"Ben’s okay, if not a little shaken, but we were worried for awhile because the scorpion was a little guy and when it comes to the wonderful world of scorpions, the smaller the deadlier. Here’s how it went down: As were were getting ready to go onstage to play our set, Ben changed into his show pants that were hanging in our wardrobe case. He put his pants on, and felt something stick him twice in his thigh and when he pulled them off, this guy came running out."

"We all screamed. A scorpion was honestly the last thing we could imagine that would come scurrying out of his pants. Ben said that it felt like a wasp stung him and it didn’t hurt so bad, but it sure rattled all of us. We called the EMTs and they checked him out and thankfully he was fine and able to play the show, he said he had scorpion power in his veins. I’m still not convinced that he is 100% fine because nobody eliminated the possibility that it was a radioactive scorpion and that Ben will now develop super powers, so I’m keeping a close eye on him just in case."

Let's be honest here gentleman - if you have a scorpion in your pants then the thigh is a better place to be stung than other options!

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