Expect the unexpected...
David Byrne

Meltdown is one of London's experimental hubs, with the Southbank Centre stepping in once a year to invite a guest curator to take control of the reins.

Returning this year, 2015's instalment of Meltdown is due to be overseen by David Byrne. The legendary songwriter, producer, composer will pick which acts take part, with the full line up to be announced shortly.

David Byrne said: "This is going to be exciting! I plan to invite performers I've seen – and I do get out – and others I've missed or have dreamed of seeing. It's going to be a bit of fun puzzle-solving I imagine – seeing who's interested, who is available and what venues at Southbank Centre are appropriate. I really hope to find things that take this beyond sit-down concerts as well – but of course I'm speaking way too early as I'm still working on my wish list. Hoping that I get to stay in the Room For London, on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof, for the whole time, but suspect that might expecting too much." 

Jude Kelly, Artistic director at Southbank Centre, said: “Because a perfect Meltdown Director is David Byrne we can't quite believe that fate has conspired to make it happen! All of us are thrilled at the prospect of his musicality and terrific brain power being used to curate our great and historical festival.”

Jane Beese, Head of Contemporary Music at Southbank Centre, said: “To be able to work with David to put together the jigsaw puzzle of his Meltdown is a real privilege. He is the perfect candidate for the job with his ongoing and fearless desire to consume and create new work, as well as his enthusiasm and curiosity across musical genres and art forms. We're really looking forward to sharing the programme with you shortly.”

Meltdown runs between August 17th – 28th.

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