Tony Visconti claims that unreleased cuts remain in the vault...
The Next Day

In a year dominated by large scale returns, David Bowie's comeback was almost perfectly handled.

The Thin White Duke issued 'The Next Day' to overwhelming acclaim, achieving numerous plaudits, awards and nominations in the process.

Speaking to BBC News, producer Tony Visconti reflected on the reception offered to the album - and the prospect of yet more material from David Bowie.

"We were very excited with the reaction" he told the broadcaster. "Honestly I was in a daze for the first week, because keeping a secret for two years took quite a lot of lying. I almost started believing my own stories!"

Continuing, the producer said: "No one believed that David Bowie was going to make another album and so the timing was perfect, because everyone kind of gave up on him. There were rumours of bad health and rumours of retirement, and I'm laughing my head off every time I hear them. I'm in the studio with a very healthy man who has no problem writing songs, he wrote easily thirty songs for that album."

Intriguingly, the producer also claimed that two or three "astounding" leftover songs could yet see the light of day.

(via NME)

Check out the video for 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' below.

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