Due on February 11th
Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez is set to release his new album 'Songs For Imaginative People' on February 11th.

Over the years Darwin Deez has been a guitarist for hire, a rapper and a producer of severely wonky beats. At each step, though, he's displayed a fluorescent imagination which makes him difficult to compare to other artists.

New album 'Songs For Imaginative People' is set to drop on February 11th, and promises another bout of outlandish songwriting. Self-produced in Asheville, North Carolina the material was then mixed in London with Charlie Andrew.

Little has emerged thus far, although single 'Free (The Editorial Me)' will receive its radio première on November 26th. The same night Darwin Deez is planning to play a sold out show at XOYO, where he will unveil material from the new album.

In a recent Facebook note the singer wrote: "This is definitely the best music I've made in my seventeen years of composing and I'm ready and excited to share it with the world now. The time is now, my brothers and sisters. The time is most definitely now."

'Songs For Imaginative People' will be released on February 11th. Tracklisting:

1. (800) HUMAN
2. You Can’t Be My Girl
3. Moonlit
4. No Love
5. Good to Lose
6. Alice
7. Redshift
8. Free (The Editorial Me)
9. All In the Wrist
10. Chelsea’s Hotel

Darwin Deez is set to play the following show:

26 London XOYO


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