The Montreal band have signed to Sub Pop...

Ah, Montreal. Quebec’s largest and most populous city. Surprise, it’s also the dwelling of one of Canada’s most promising bands, Corridor.

The new Sub Pop signees are being introduced to the world with their forthcoming third album, ‘Junior’. Although, the due date for ‘Junior’ isn’t until October 18th, they have released a new single from the album, ‘Topographe’, which is available for consumption right now.

Despite being sung entirely in french, ‘Topographe’ proves there’s more to music than the lyrics. It has an ethereal magnetism. Throughout this sheer beauty of a track it’s easy to find yourself lost amongst endless waves of hypnotic, jangly guitar and choral bliss. That is until the song is over and you wonder where your mind has been this whole time.

Accompanying the track is a curiously eerie animation. The video entails the band dressed as masked medieval-looking characters. This incongruous pairing of heavenly noise and a borderline scary visual somehow, just works. All the while, we will probably be listening to this track on repeat.

The Candadian quartet are playing London’s Waiting Room on November 6th… hopefully unmasked.

'Junior' will be released on October 18th via Sub Pop.

Words: Megan Berridge

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