Cult U.S Band Hit UK this November

US blues rockers Cold War Kids are set for a British jaunt with a host of UK dates unveiled for the Californian four piece.

The group's debut album "Robbers and Cowards" was a huge hit with critics, who praised Cold War Kids for their control of traditional rock elements, as well as their fresh take on a seminal template.
Like a fleshed out version of The White Stripes, Cold War Kids take the blues and give it a good boot into the 21st century. New album "Loyalty To Loyalty" has been a year in the making, and marks a huge musical progression for the band. New material has been debuted live, and the group's keen sense of improvisation has seen the songs change and evolve over time.
Now a completely different group of people to those who last toured the UK, Cold War Kids are ready to take on the mainstream - and this time, they'll win.

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