Band DIscuss New Album

Cold War Kids have taken time to explain the process behind stunning second album 'Loyalty To Loyalty', saying that recording it was like "raising a child".

Cold War Kids won a cult following with debut album 'Robbers & Cowards'. A mixture of classic rock dynamics with off the moment indie chic, the album was a critical success. Now set to return with their second album 'Loyalty To Loyalty', the band took time to explain their writing process.

Guitarist Jonnie Russell explained to BBC Newsbeat that "we write about the deeper more human struggles in life because that is what naturally comes out. Art is supposed to touch people with where they're at and the human struggle is a big part of that in all kinds of situations."

Recorded as close to live as possible, the band were aiming to capture their concert experience in the studio. Russell told the BBC "we were in some really big studios this time so we could set everything up as if we were playing live. I think it really captured the feel of the songs because it was much truer to how we play onstage."

Cold War Kids new album "Loyalty To Loyalty" is released this week.

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