Chloe Bodur
It's a film noir influenced return...

Chloe Bodur needs to make music - it's not a choice, it's a requirement.

Raised in North West London, she surrounded herself with all facets of culture, from 50s cinema on through to jazz, neo-soul, grime, and more.

Writing music because she "can't afford therapy or hot yoga", the London riser's debut single 'Glory' was a spectacular introduction.

New single 'Billie' follows on from this, a moody, twilight soaked return that leans towards the more sparse, atmospheric end of neo-soul.

Penned in her bedroom, 'Billie' intertwines Chloe Bodur's voice with the breathy saxophone of Mr Jukes' own Dan Berry.

Chloe explains: "I was studying film noir at the time and was heavily inspired by it so the story of the song tells a similar narrative to your standard film noir: A femme fatale character seeming powerless and nothing more than sexually appealing at the start, turning out to be dangerous/deadly by the end. Obviously this was a rarity."

"The film genre was inspired by German expressionism so in the films you see a lot of warped camera angles and really dark lighting, mysterious silhouettes etc. I wanted to recreate that through the music in 'Billie' which is why a lot of the sounds are warped with different effects and it all sounds kinda sexy, and moody."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Danika Lawrence

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