Meet the 'sister doom' duo...

It's not often Clash will come across an entirely new genre, but 'sister doom' certainly covers it.

Hull meets Leeds duo Chambers concocted the term, covering their heavy duty gothic sensibility.

“The concept of sister-doom is sort of like a spirit that drives us to do what we do” the pair explain. “It’s sort of that feeling you get when you’re stood in a dark, empty house with all the lights turned off. A figure suddenly appears in front of you and your eyes try to work out if it's real or not. It’s sort of that adrenaline you get from the unknown. Like something you shouldn’t do but you just want more.”

New single 'Hostile' emerges on December 2nd via I'm Not From London Records, and it's a probing, dramatic piece of music.

Coming from a very real place, 'Hostile' finds Chambers etching out ground that could only be their own. Tune in now.

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