Missed out on 1.3 million sales (and counting...)
Pharrell Williams

Pop music is littered with tragic mistakes.

Take the A&R man who refused to sign The Beatles on the grounds that guitar groups were on their way out.

Well, Cee Lo Green may well have produced a modern alternative. Speaking on US radio, Pharrell Williams revealed that Green turned down the chance to release 'Happy'.

One of 2013's biggest selling singles, 'Happy' has become a global smash topping the UK charts on three separate occasions - but Cee Lo Green just didn't think it would fit him.

"(Cee-Lo) wanted to do it ... (and) he did do it," Williams said. "He sounded amazing on it. I mean, he burns my version".

Sadly, Cee Lo Green's team nixed the recording as they wanted the singer to focus on his studio album. What could have been...

Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams also reflected on the astonishing success 'Happy' has enjoyed. "I can't believe it's become what it has" he said. "Some folks on his team just felt that the priority should be on [Cee Lo's] album at the time, so they elected not to do that song."

(via BBC)

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