New album announced

One of Scottish indie's hidden gems is set to shine again with Camera Obscura due to release a new album.

Now at home on 4AD, Camera Obscura could be set to break into the mainstream. After a series of cult releases, gaining fans such as the late John Peel, Camera Obscura released their celebrated album 'Let's Get Out Of The Country' in 2006. A stunning collection of indie anthems, it pushed the band into the bright lights of fame leading to full scale touring and festival bedlam.

Now three years on from that release, the band are set to return. New album 'My Maudlin Career' was recorded in Sweden with Jari Haapalainen, whose credits include The Concretes and many more.

Retaining beautiful melodies of their earlier releases, the new record is nonetheless much darker than previous albums.

Tracyanne Campbell commented in a statement "some people who have heard it say it's intense and quite dark. I suppose it is in a way. We were even more open and brave when making it than we were with the last record."

"I've never been so brutal when its come to writing lyrics. I wouldn't even call them lyrics. Just documentation of what was going on with me for a while. I truly believe it's the best we've done so far."

Camera Obscure release new album 'My Maudlin Career' on April 20th. It will be preceded by the single 'French Navy' on April 13th.

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