Get the inside track on his new release...

Cadenza toasts the release of his new EP 'Hijack' today (March 3rd).

It's a new step from the London talent, whose approach has gathered numerous other artists in his midst.

New EP 'Hijack' utilises this to his advantage, bringing other ideas, other styles of approach into his orbit.

It's a real success. Broad yet succinct, it finds Cadenza challenging himself while still placing that instantly recognisable sense of style to the fore.

Check it out now, before finding a breakdown after the jump.

The 'Hijack' EP was all about connecting with other producers, rappers and artists that I had been listening to in the last few months. I haven’t ever done much with other producers from scratch so it was great to open up that side of things.

I linked up with Foxtrott (aka La Panga) as I had heard her beat tape on Soundcloud. When she came to London we hung out and made a few ideas one of which became 'Tek Dem'. We were both down to try something dancehall tempo but with a little more industrial sound to it.

Suku is someone I have rated for a long time so making that connection finally was special. 'Till We Do It' started from a session with Bugle in Kingston last February. He gave me this great hook but couldn’t finish the record, so I re-worked it and got Prynce on the verses and suddenly it had all the elements I was looking for.

'Glory' came together super quick just from me sending Young T and Bugsey the beat. We had worked already so I knew what kind of stuff they liked and they just instantly vibed with it. Jevon is doing some great work right now from the XL 'New Gen' comp down to his input on the 'Nines' album so I’m glad we got to get him on there.

Lastly, the link up with Equiknoxx on 'Hijack' was one that I was super excited for. I had been banging their 'Bird Sound Power' album at the end of last year and I knew we were on a similar page sonically. I sent Gav some drum ideas and he came back with these amazing synth melodies and the track was finished in a week or so.

Ultimately, I wanted to come back to the energy of the 'No Drama' record and do more music in that lane and see what I could come up with. And now I’m looking forward to the next few releases after this as there’s some super unexpected link ups around the corner.

- - -

'Hijack' is out now.

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