Debut Album From Portugese Group

The long awaited album from Portugese ghetto-tech merchants Buraka Som Sistema is finally upon us - debut LP "Black Diamond" drops on November 10th.

Buraka Som Sistema - AKA Lil' John, Riot, Conductor and Kalaf - have created a completely fresh and wild sound that blends West African music to 21st century electronics. With just one 12 inch release - 'Yah!' - under their belts, the band have rocketed to dancefloor stardom, being namedropped by Diplo, M.I.A. and Switch.

A hugely varied album, 'Black Diamond' contains guest appearances from M.I.A, Kano, Petty, Pongolove, Bruno M, Saborosa and many more. With a completely different, and utterly exciting, take on live performances look out for Buraka Som Sistema's UK tour later in the year.

With lyrics that scream about the injustices present in day to day African life, and a diverse musical palette that moves from techno to hip hop and back again, 'Black Diamond' is one of the most exciting albums to drop in a long time.

Buraka Som Sistema release debut album 'Black Diamond' on November 10th.

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