Band To Play Free Rally

US alt rock group The Breeders are set to play a free rally in support of US PResidential candidate Barack Obama next month, it has emerged.

The Breeders will be joined by other groups such as The National in the Ohio event. The US Presidential race is hotting up, with less than a few months until the big election.

The states of Ohio allows early voting for those who have already made their mind up. The "Vote Early Rock Late" event is set to take place in Cincinnati, Ohio's Fountain Square on October 16th.

During the event, voters will be shuttled by bus to the nearby Hamilton County Election Headquarters to cast their votes. The county has long been a Republica stronghold, and it would be a major coup if Barack Obama were to win here.

The Breeders are to play a concert in support of Barack Obama on October 16th.

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