London club strikes deal with Islington council and Metropolitan police...

fabric is set to re-open following talks with Islington council and Metropolitan police.

Resident Advisor reports that the London club has struck a deal, resulting in improved security measures and concessions on all sides.

fabric was shut down earlier this year after it lost its license following a hearing with Islington Council's licensing committee.

The resulting campaign has witnessed figures from across the electronic music spectrum getting involved, with fabric x Houndstooth guiding a huge compilation.

It seems that the #savefabric campaign has been successful, with the club to re-open once it implements a series of new measures.

The agreement was approved by Highbury Magistrates Court and will lead to the club opening its doors once again. A statement obtained by Resident Advisor reads in part:

Fabric has offered many new conditions to be added to its Licence, all of which are designed to ensure a Zero Tolerance approach to drug possession, consumption and sale within the club. It has also developed a new and detailed ISO accredited Operations Manual setting out how compliance with these conditions is to be achieved, from the top to the bottom of its operation. Fabric accepts that its procedures in relation to searching were insufficient, as were its procedures to prevent the consumption and dealing of drugs within the club itself.

Fabric accepts that the Police acted reasonably in making the application for a review and that the Authority's sub-committee was fully entitled to revoke its Licence. Fabric repudiates the online abuse aimed at Committee members and Council staff and will permanently exclude anyone who has been found to be involved.

Fabric is committed to doing all it reasonably can to ensure that no more of its clubbers come to drug-related harm. It also recognises that there need to be, and will be, changes to its management structure and accountability.

New measures include:

- The use of a new I.D. scanning system on entry to the club
- Enhanced searching procedures and controls
- Covert surveillance within the club
- Life-time bans for anyone found in possession of drugs, whether on entry or within the club
- Life-time bands for anyone trying to buy drugs in the club
- Enhanced monitoring and external auditing for compliance against procedures
- Physical changes to the club, including improved lighting and additional CCTV provision
- A new Security Company - Persons under 19 years of age shall not be permitted to be on the premises as a customer or guest from 2000 hours on a Friday until 0800 hours on the following Monday or on any day during the hours that the operators promote a Core Club Night.

Check out the full statement HERE.

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