Layers of analogue synths built into a rare magnetism...

Braun spent the best part of a decade contributing to Mackintosh Braun, a two-member, three album synth-pop odyssey.

Now working as a solo artist, there's a palpable feeling of yearning towards simplicity, making more do less.

Moving from distinct dance hooks to near ambient passages, Braun's new album 'Silent Science' is an immediate yet ultimately perplexing document.

Clash has nabbed new cut 'Prague', and the carefully undulating synth passageways build into something strangely anthemic.

Ben Braun: "It's a song about being away from home, but then once you're back trying to convince yourself not to leave again. Torn between wanting to explore or staying safely behind. It's not about a particular place really, I chose Prague as the title because it's somewhere I haven't gotten to yet that's alluring to me."

Tune in now.

'Silent Science' is out on Diving Bell Recording Co. later in the year.

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