Jared Swilley on the attack

In a new interview Black Lips singer Jared Swilley has attacked Wavves star Nathan Williams following his recent onstage meltdown at Primavera.

It was one of the most bizarre moments of the year so far. Wavves arrived onstage at a rare European show, with fans at Spain's Primavera festival expecting something magical from the group who were fresh from releasing their album 'Wavvves'.

However Nathan Williams had clearly been dosed up on the wrong drug, and mumbled incoherently into the microphone. Strumming random strings, the singer was booed by fans with the show ending after his drummer poured a cup of tea over his head.

In the aftermath, Wavves apologised with Nathan Williams writing a blog to fans. However this was soon deleted, and the band cancelled their European tour to head home. Scheduling another show for the United States, this was then also cancelled to the increasing despair of his supporters.

In a bizarre new twist Nathan Williams has come under fire from Black Lips star Jared Swilley. The singer is no stranger to tour chaos, being effectively chased out of India after a series of controversial shows.

However that hasn't stopped Swilley who has heavily criticised Wavves' actions. In an interview with the national Norwegian radio station NRK Swilley claimed that "a friend of mine gave him MDMA (ecstasy), and he just couldn't take it".

Continuing he said "it wasn't so much of a breakdown as it was him being a baby. And that's why I don't like him. I've heard stories from others that he's like a real dick. And just like a baby, thought he was really cool. But then when it came down to it, when the pressure came on he just couldn't take the heat. Some people can't do this."

Asked about the series of cancellations, the singer said "that's cowardly to me. If you're gonna do this, you put your all into it. Otherwise, just stay at home. He's like a little puppy."

Finishing his tirade the Black Lips star affirmed "there's so many people that would wanna be doing that: being able to get flown over to Europe, and have people like your records and buying them."

"And then just blow it on your first show in Europe - someone like that needs to not do this. He needs to go back to school or move back in with his parents and sit down and think about things. He shouldn't play music. He shouldn't tour."

Black Lips released their new album '200 Million Thousand' earlier this year. The band are set to play a music festival in Chicago on July 18th. Also on the schedule - Wavves.

Oh dear...

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