The duo found extraordinary popularity on TikTok...

Toronto noise pop duo Black Dresses have decided to split up.

The pair - Devi McCallion and Ada Rook - released their 2018 album 'WASTEISOLATION' to widespread acclaim, finding viral success on TikTok.

However the attention seems to have had negative aspects, with the group enduring "extended harassment" from people online.

Sharing a statement with Pitchfork, Black Dresses confirmed their decision to split, stating:

"Entitled fans have been behaving in a very hurtful and frightening way towards Devi including extended invasion of privacy and harassment for some two years now, only going to further and further extremes."

"Fans can be kind. Fans can be creative. Fans can be alive and inspired and full of goodness. We are music fans too! However, 'Fandom' often involves the culture of acting like you own a person and feeling entitled to them." 

"Fandom frequently feels within its right to try and punish or destroy the object of its fascination if it does not cater to the fandom’s perception of what it should be. We do not hate our fans—we’ve had many positive interactions with them—but recent events have been far too strenuous on Devi's health, so we are simply doing what we have to."

It ends: "We are simply doing what is best for us. Thank you."

Check out the full statement HERE.

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