New Album From Ivory Tinkler

Best selling songwriter Ben Folds is set to return with his third solo album 'Way To Normal' due to be released on September 29th.

Since the break up of Ben Folds Five in 2000, lead singer Folds has followed his muse and moved in ever contrary directions. 'Way To Normal' was written in the aftermath of a two year divorce, and could be loosely termed a "break up album". However, Folds would refute this saying in a statement that "this new album is really about me being free, which is why it feels cathartic and expressive. It's about me coming back to being myself. I came out of the courthouse, kissed the ground, and walked straight into the studio. I felt like a bottle of champagne that had been shaken for 18 months and popped open in the studio. That's why this record has so much energy."

Containing a number of stomping fuzzed-out monsters such as 'Bitch Went Nuts' and 'Hiroshima', the new album is a blast of energy from first to last. The ever-productive Folds mixes these with more thoughtful moments, however, which suggests that the divorce may have taken more out of him than he lets on.

Ben Folds new album 'Way To Normal' is released on September 29th.

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