Nottingham group post mysterious message...
Late Of The Pier

Late Of The Pier have posted a short message, sparking speculation that they are on the comeback trail.

Whatever happened to Late Of The Pier? The band burst into our lives back in 2008, carrying their spectacular debut album 'Fantasy Black Channel. Managing to funnel together electro house, prog and God alone knows what else the album was a continually inventive, completely addictive first offering.

By no means perfect, it's subsequent cult following perhaps owes as much to the band's reclusive nature as the music contained therein. Disappearing almost completely, Ghostpoet started an online campaign to get the band back together.

Seemingly, Late Of The Pier have been paying attention and posted an update this morning:

- - -

it's been a long time.

very soon you will hear news of what we've been up to and where all our hands have been hiding. promise.

some of you may be aware we look after bands...
one of those bands release their very first single on wonderful splurged vinyl today.

It's a very special day for a teenage band releasing your first bit of wax so please take a moment of your time to turn up your speakers to full volume, break your necks and fist your wallets into your computer screens.

much love


- - -

The band in question are newcomers Kagoule, who you can check out HERE.

As for "where all our hands have been hiding" - could this refer to a new album? Wait and see...


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