Written alongside Mondo Cozmo...

Los Angeles pop riser AO is continually looking towards the future.

Each new release is imbued with incredible ambition, her taut melodies aligned to a groundbreaking touch that establishes a vivid pop identity.

New single 'Lonely Hunter' was written alongside Mondo Cozmo, and it utilises an old blues riff but projected into the future.

Instantly infectious, it's a bold return, something AO labels "timeless" but also "upbeat and current". She comments...

'Lonely Hunter' was the culmination of months of loneliness and a booze filled weekend! After my husband Mondo Cozmo, whom I co-wrote the song with, had been on the road for so long we went into the studio one night. He had this awesome beat that he was toying around with and I came up with the chorus almost immediately. The verse, which is basically an old blues riff, came fairly quickly as well.

It’s funny how things can pour out of you. Sometimes the best things we write feel like were always there just waiting to be written. I love it! It’s a love song to myself, and a cautionary tale, kind of a reminder that true happiness lies within. I also really love the lines in the bridge, being a nod to Muhammed Ali “I try to float like a butterfly but I only sting like a bee”.

I wanted to add to that vintage feel by putting in a super sexy trumpet solo to make it feel timeless but be very upbeat and current. I wanted it to feel nostalgic and take the listener somewhere, if only for a time.

Tune in now.

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